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What is Individual Orthodontics?

Dr Emmy uses the most advanced orthodontic tools, to provide you with the highest levels of orthodontic treatment. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach used in typical straight wire appliances, your dentist customizes your braces and wires. Since the braces have been specifically made for you, faster and more effective treatment can be expected.


Individual Patient (IP) Appliance

The Individual Patient (IP) Appliance® was the first customized appliance system in the world and is an enhanced straight archwire technique. In the current standard in orthodontics, dentists use “straight archwire” appliances with one bracket design and one archwire for all patients, which is not always sufficient to treat all tooth movements.

However, the IP Appliance® revolutionized orthodontics by allowing doctors to customize the optimal appliance for each patient. This customization results in faster, more consistent treatment results. Tens of thousands of successful cases from all over the world have already proven that this is the most efficient way to straighten your teeth, the next generation of orthodontics.



Invisalign® is an advanced, orthodontic treatment designed to help patients correct bite issues and straighten their teeth gradually and discreetly. A series of clear, removable teeth aligners are used instead of traditional metal braces to increase comfort and convenience. If you have poorly aligned teeth or certain bite issues (over-, under-, or cross-bite), Invisalign® can improve your smile with minimal interruption to your daily activities and without others even noticing you are undergoing treatment.

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Clearcorrect's aligners use their patented, state of the art Clearquartz TM material which gives incredible clarity, tear and stain-resistance and strength to its aligners. This means more comfort and invisibility for you while you are straightening your teeth.

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